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Create and translate Tutorials

Our documentation is not complete. We need your help, to improve the user documentation in many fields. We will appreciate your help with free coupon codes for JonDonym premium.

  • You will get a free JonDonym premium coupon with 200 MB traffic volume for each submitted tutorial.
  • You will get a second premium coupon with 500 MB traffic, if the tutorial was accepted and published.
  • You will not get a premium coupon, if the tutorial was simple compiled by Google translation or if it was mainly not correct.

For submission of your tutorial use the HTML format. For images (screenshots) use a subdirectory. You may have a look at the available tutorials. Additional we need improvements in our online help. You may send your work by mail to support_(at)_jondos.de.

Desired Tutorials

  • Alternative browser configuration: Translations from German to English requested.
  • Anonymous Surfing with JonDonym: How to surf anonymous with JonDonym, enable Cookies and Javascript only if necessary on trusted pages (but how to see, it is necessary?). Other limitations like blocked Flash and Java applets....
  • Watch and save videos with VLC player: How to use the VLC player for videos.
  • How to blog anonymous: You can create an anonymous blog at wordpress.com and you can pay anonymous for premium features.
  • Provide an anti-censorship forwarder
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