Start JonDo, minimize or close it (desktop install)

This tutorial shows, how to start the desktop version of JonDo, minimize or close it.

Step 1: Start JonDo

You may find the programm starter for JonDo like other programms in the Windows start menu. To ensure secure surfing it is necessary that you also start JonDoFox.

You can also use JonDo with another browser. Some configuration is necessary in that case.

Start JonDo

Step 2: The JonDo installation assistant

If you start JonDo for the first time you will get to the installation assistant. Please follow the steps of the assistant to complete the installation. (See: Configuration of JonDo )

Step 3: Minimize JonDo

If you would like to minimize JonDo please make a click on the minimize symbol or on the close symbol.

Minimize JonDo

Step 4: The JonDo taskbar symbol

WIf you have minimized JonDo you can find the program in the windows taskbar in the right corner. To go back to the main window by double-click on the symbol.

You can open the JonDo taskbar menu by clicking with the right mouse button on the symbol.

JonDo in der Taskleiste

Schritt 5: Quit JonDo

You can quit JonDo by clicking on Exit in the taskbar menu.

JonDo Beenden