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Updating JRE (Java Runtime Environment)

Notice: Users of Mac OS X will have their Java updated automatically by the operating system and do not have to update manually. The following information is not relevant to them.

JonDo is written in the Java programing language and therefore needs Java installed for execution. Please remember that JAP/JonDo is at the moment only compatible with the Java distributions Sun-Java, OpenJDK, IcedTea and Apple Java.

If you use a browser other than JonDoFox, your Java will usually be integrated as a plugin in your web browser. This is not necessary for JonDo but it also enables your browser to execute Java web applications (applets) which may revoke your anonymity. This is why we recommend deactivating or filtering this plugin in your browser. Furthermore, also in this plugin, just as in every software, new errors are discovered from time to time that may compromise the security on the PC where it is installed. JonDo thus informs you when new Java versions are available, and we recommend urgently to update right away.

Although Java supports simultaneous installations of different versions, you should have only ONE Java version installed on your computer. Therefore, uninstall all old versions of this software before the new installation.

Notice: The following manual is only meant for Windows. In Linux installation is specific to the distribution. The latest Java version may not be compatible with every Linux distribution.

In order to update your Java installation, follow these three steps:

  1. Download the latest version
    Get the current version from this site (alternatively from this site for older Windows versions; please note that Sun-Java versions since 1.4 do not run on Windows 95; the same holds for version since 1.6 on Windows 98).

  2. Uninstall old version
    Go to the start menu, open "Settings", "Control Panel" and choose "Add or Remove Programs". It might take a while until the list of installed software shows up. Choose the entry "J2SE Runtime Environment <version number>" and click "Uninstall". Wait for the uninstaller to complete. Perhaps you will have to restart your PC.

  3. Install new Version
    Double-click the installer you downloaded in step 1. Follow the installation instructions. Installation might take some time. Perhaps you will have to restart your PC.

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