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Anonymous payments

As an anonymization service we try to make it possible to pay for premium accounts anonymously.

Using prepaid cards

One can buy prepaid cards at a lot of newspaper stands, gas stations and supermarkets anonymously using cash. In Germany there is a limit of 100 €/month due to the Gesetz über das Kreditwesen (Banking Act).

JonDonym offers European users and North Americans the option to pay anonymously via paysafecard cash codes. Outlets selling paysafecard cash codes close to you may be found with the "Find sales outlets" search on the website of the provider. In order to a guarantee a smooth and anonymous deployment of cash codes you should consider the following advices:

Using Bitcoin anonymously

Bitcoin is a digitial peer-to-peer currency without a central and administrating institution. JonDos GmbH is accepting Bitcoins as payment for premium accounts.

Without proper precautions paying with Bitcoins is not anonymous. All transactions are saved in a publicly available "eternal logfile". Researchers of the Darmstadt University of Technology have provided an analysis of Bitcoin's anonymity on the Chaos Communication Congress 2011. Another analysis was published by D. Ron und A. Shamir. They were able to identify the IP addresses of users and link the different Bitcoin addresses of an account. For an example informations about the Bitcoin usage of Wikileaks were published. Until March 2012 Wikileaks used 83 Bitcoin addresses and got 2605.25 BTC from supporters.

As Bitcoin relies on exchanging data over the Internet you may use JonDonym in order to stay anonymous during Bitcoin transactions. Thereby, two separate problems need to get solved:

  1. Administration of your Bitcoin wallet without revealing your IP address.

    You may use JonDonym to stay anonymous during Bitcoin transactions.

    • Blockchain or StrongCoin are offering anonymous eWallets on their web servers. You may use use JonDo+JonDoFox to stay anonymous by using these webservices. Access to the eWallets is protected by the commmon combination of username and password. Registration at StrongCoin just needs an email address additionally. Disposable email addresses are accepted.

      Hint: By using a webservice for your eWallet you put your money in the pocket of a stranger! He can take it and go away.

    • If you didn't trust a third party server, you may use the bitcoin client Electrum to keep all your bitcoins and cryptografic keys on your computer. The program does not download the hole blockchain, it uses remote servers for most work. It doesn't store your IP address in the blockchain and the usage of Electrum requiered only small amout of data traffic. It is possible to anonymize the data traffic of Electrum with JonDonym premium services. Start the program with a proxyfier tool. For Linux or UNIX you may use proxychains: > proxychains electrum

  2. Buying Bitcoins with a pseudonym which cannot be linked to your real identity.

    You can buy Bitcoins by cash or send cash by snail mail without bank transfer and without leaking identificable informations to the Bitcoin seller.

    • You may use the website LocalBitcoins.com to search for contacts of Bitcoin seller near your location and buy via in-person meeting. In many US towns you may go to a "Buttonwood meeting" to buy Bitcoins face-2-face. "Buttonwood meeting" you can find in New York, San Francisco, Boston and others. In Berlin (Germany) you may go to the bar ROOM77 (the restaurant at the end of capitalism) every first Thuesday per month or to Bitcoin Exchange Berlin to buy Bitcouns face-2-face.

    • You may use the IRC channel #bitcoin-otc in the Freenode network to contact a Bitcoin seller. Offers of sale you may find in the open order book. On IRC you may approach a prospective salesman and negotiate arbitrary methods for the money transfer. A web interface for the chat is available if you did not like an IRC client like Pidgin. You may stay anonymous by unsing JonDonym. There is an option to register a pseudonym (it is not mandatory, though) which needs an OpenPGP key. As a registered user you may earn reputation.

  3. Pay with Bitcoins

    If you buy virtual goods like JonDonym premium coupons you can pay it anonymously with Bitcoins. If you buy real world goods keep in mind you have to give out a shipping address which may compromise your Bitcoin account. Do not use an anonymous Bitcoin account for this purpose. Create a new account and don't link both accounts together.


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