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Create a Premium Account With JonDo

In order to create a premium account with JonDo click on the button "Pay now" in the main window. The wizard starts up and will guide you through the rates and payment options. First, the wizard fetches the necessary information from the payment instance, please wait a moment.

While creating the premium account the servers of the payment instance managed by the JonDos GmbH will be contacted. You may stay totally anonymous toward the JonDos GmbH if you anonymize the connections to the payment instance via JonDonym. In the advanced payment settings -> you may enforce these anonymous connections for your payment.

First Step: Choosing a Rate

In a first step you choose the rate you want to buy. There are rates available with monthly traffic volume and basic volume rates. Choosing the former means the respective data volume is available every month again during the rate's duration.

1. step to get a premium account

Second Step: Terms and Conditions

In a second step the standard terms and conditions of the JonDos GmbH are shown. You have to accept them in order to proceed.

2. step to get a premium account

If your are entering a JonDonym code the terms and conditions are not shown again as you have to accept them already when buying a coupon on the website.

Third Step: Choosing a Payment Method

Choose one payment method out of the available ones. Not every payment method we offer is available within JonDo, though. Paying with Bitcoins for instance is only available in our web shop.

3. step to get a premium account

Fourth Step: Paying

If you choose "PayPal" or "paysafecard" you will get forwarded to the websites of the respective provider in the next step in order accomplish the payment.

If you have chosen "Bank transfer" as payment method the details of your payment will be shown to you in the next step. Please, use exactly these details. Otherwise your payment cannot be related to your created payment account.

4. step (a) to create a premium account

You get the necessary details as well if you want to pay with "Cash" (by postal mail). You may copy the text to the clipboard and paste it into a word processing application. Please, do not send a registered letter with reply advice as its acceptance cannot be guaranteed.

4. step (b) to create a premium account

Your newly created account is not activated until the JonDos GmbH got your payment actually. Depending on the payment method this can last some minutes up to several days. Clicking on the button "Reload" may enforce an update of your account details. Usually, this happens automatically and your account is activated on receipt of the payment.


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