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Controlling JavaScript with NoScript

With NoScript you can control active content like JavaScript. If you click on the NoScript icon NoScript-Icon you get a list of all addresses/service providers with JavaScript code on the currently visited web site. The respective entries are marked with theNoScript temporär erlauben icon. Time by time you need to enable some subdomains of the current website to get it working well. You have to try it.

CAPTCHAs: Time by time websites are using CAPTCHAs for spam protection. To solve a CAPTCHA Javascript is required. If a third party CAPTCHA provider was used like Recaptcha.com, Nucaptcha.com or others, you have to enable Javascript for the CAPTCHA provider too.

You should give as few permissions as possible. Third party scripts are often only used to spy on you and are rarely needed for proper functionality.

NoScript: allow scripts

By clicking on NoScript temporär erlauben Temporarily allow you activate scripts for this entry. By another click you may easily remove this permission again (see image below). If you would like to remove the permissions for all addresses, you just have to click on NoScript: Temporäre Berechtigungen aufheben Revoke temporary permissions. By default the permissions are revoked with browser restart.

For frequently visited websites it is possible to Make page permissions permanent. In case the permissions are not revoked with browser restart and you don't have to set the permissions again every day.

NoScript: disallow scripts

Controlling installed plugins with NoScript

When you visit a website containing plugin content like Flash movies or Java applets, this content will be automatically blocked by NoScript. A placeholder is shown instead of the active content:


You may allow the content by clicking on the placeholder or by choosing the respective option in NoScript: Geblockte Objekte Blocked Objects after clicking on the NoScript menu icon NoScript-Icon.

Warning: Without special protective measures, allowed plugin content may completely or partially revoke your anonymity.


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