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JonDo User Interface

Jondo main window

The JonDo user interface consists of the following control elements:

For an overview of the program the following information elements have been included:

  • Services
    Here you can choose which of the available JonDonym services to use.

  • Anonymity
    This control element will connect you to the selected JonDonym service.

  • Browser button (JonDo Portable)
    This button starts the portable Firefox browser.

  • Anonym-O-Meter
    Tells you what maximum level of anonymity the active service offers you at the moment.

  • Current service
    Contains information about the number of users, performance and the operators of the active service.

  • Remaining volume
    Shows how much data volume your current account has left.

  • Encrypted data sent
    Counts the anonymized data packets that have been sent by JonDo since last activating anonymity mode.

  • Forwarder
    Displays status information about the user activated forwarding servers.
    (only in the Extended View)
  • Status bar
    Displays current messages.

The additional buttons Help, Assistant, Config and Exit at the bottom of the main view will open further windows.

Control elements

Information elements

Additional buttons

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