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First-Start-Assitant of JonDo

If you start JonDo for the first time the installation assistant will appear automatically. Otherwise please make a click on Assistant...

Step 1: Select your Language

This dialog appears only at the first start of JonDo.

select your language

Step 2: Create a Premium Account

If you already have a premium account or a premium test code you can enter it in the four empty fields. Otherwise click on Next>.

create account

Step 3: Establish anonymous connection

If the assistant was not be able to connenct to the infoservices or mixcascades access to JonDonym may be blocked. Please have a look at: Circumvent blocking of JonDonym to avoid this problems.


Step 4: Start the anonymity test

Go to the webbrowser JonDoFox and test the status of anonymity by clicking on the bookmark "Anonymity test". It is required to run the test. Otherwise the assistant will not continue. If you were using an alternatve browser open the website http://ip-check.info.

Anonymity test 1

Step 5: Run anonymity test

The website of our IP-Check will open. Run the full test by clicking on START TEST!.

Anonymity test 2

If you see your IP address and not the JonDonym logo check the proxy configuration of your browser.

Step 6: Results of the anonymity test

Because you are using JonDo and JonDoFox the results should look like this.

Anonymity test 3

Step 7: Choose test result

Please go back the the JonDo installation assistant and choose "All data are either colored in green or orange". Click on "Next >".

Anonymity test last

Step 8: Complete the JonDo installation assistant

Congratulations! You have seccessfully configured JonDo! Close the installation assistant by clicking on "Finish".

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