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Certification Authorities

Only available in ExtendedView. To get to this panel, press Config in JonDo's main window, then choose the entry Certificate Authorities from the list to the left.

To ensure authenticity and integrity of digital data, secure digital signatures are created from secret keys. The validity of such a signature can be tested with the public key that corresponds to the secret key; just like a key fits the proper lock. But capable proof is still needed that the key in question belongs to a certain person or organization.

This is where certificates come in. A certificate is a (digital) container of the identity of a person or organization and their public encryption keys. To obtain a capable proof of authenticity, the certificate has then to be digitally signed by an authorized certification authority whose keys are openly available.
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Certificates play a key role in JonDonym: mixes prove their authenticity to JonDo with them. Your JonDo already has all the needed certificates included to ensure that it only connects to services of certified operators. But with this settings panel you are also given the opportunity of adding your own certificates and administering them in case you want to connect to cascades that Jondo has no certificates of yet.

Adding certificates is a very sensitive and security critical area. If you accept certificates from untrustworthy certification authorities you run the risk of damage by connecting to dubious services. So you should only add new certificates if you really know what you are doing. It is not necessary usually.

Certification authorities

Certification Authority Information

Here you can see detailed information about the currently selected certification authority.

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